Kim Kardashian Mexican Plastic Surgery Days ... are Finally OVER!!!

3/20/2012 12:30 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian -- My Mexican Plastic Surgery Days Are Over!

Kim Kardashian ... ESTA VICTORIOSA!!! TMZ has learned the Mexican doctor who bootlegged her image for a plastic surgery ad has finally agreed to take down his billboard ... after admitting he never got her permission in the first place.

We broke the story ... Dr. Victor Ramirez unlawfully used Kim K’s image to up-sell his plastic slice-and-dice biz in the boarder town of Mexicali ... even though he's never met the reality star and didn't pay her a dime.

When Kim’s lawyers found out about the ad ... they threatened the living crap out of Senor Ramirez ... and apparently, threats aren't taken lightly in Mexico ... because the sign came down over the weekend.

So far no comment from Dr. Ramirez himself ... because he won't return our phone calls.  

El fin.