TMZ Live Spike's Trayvon Retweet Sparks Racial Attacks

3/28/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Spike Lee -- Dangerous Trayvon Martin Retweet Sparks Racial Attacks

Spike Lee is taking major heat for jumping into the Trayvon Martin controversy by retweeting the wrong George Zimmerman's home address. Great way to start a lynch mob, right? Now, Spike's screw up is sparking an Internet race war ... and tension in the TMZ newsroom.

Plus, MTV star Rob Dyrdek calls in to explain why being rich already won't stop him from dropping $2k on the next Mega Millions drawing! Also, Rihanna gets slammed by Clay Aiken -- and everyone thinks he's right. Yeah, it's weird ... take a look.

(0:30) Rob Dyrdek is on the horn -- he's ready to drop stacks on lottery tickets ... and has big plans for the cash if he wins.
(5:15) Jennifer Lopez's boy toy Casper is acting like her kids' daddy ... will this hurt them in the end?
(9:16) Bobby Brown -- charged with DUI ... further backing the claims made by Whitney's family that he's no good.
(11:40) Carson Daly's insensitive remarks about gays and the JetBlue incident ignites a nasty newsroom argument.
(22:01) Wait ... are people really siding with Clay Aiken over Rihanna?
(26:31) Spike Lee incites a lynch mod over the Trayvon Martin incident ... thanks to an idiotic Tweet.
(33:01) Not everything goes Justin Bieber's way ... he's having trouble buying a new multi-million dollar mansion.
(37:01) Christie Brinkley's divorce just got nastier ... if that's even possible.
(40:01) We take your calls.