Donald Trump Luxury Condo Triggers Florida Beach War

3/29/2012 8:30 AM PDT

Beach War Over Trump Condos in Florida

Homeowners in Hollywood Beach, Florida are at war over Trump Hollywood -- a luxury condo -- because the proud owners of the condo are claiming dibs on the area of the public beach in front of their building.

The Sun Sentinel got a picture of empty lounge chairs on the sand -- chairs set up by Trump Hollywood condo to lay claim to the prize territory.  But it isn't sitting well with The Wave -- a significantly less luxurious building of condos -- because the owners and renters in that building feel they're being big-footed by their ritzy neighbors.

The folks who live in The Wave are staging a daily 60s version of a sit-in -- putting their lounge chairs next to the Trump Hollywood chairs.  The Wave people feel like the Trump owners are trying to convert a public beach into their own private playground.

It's become so nasty security has been placed near the Trump chairs -- and the hilarious part is that the security people are wearing fancy suits.  Even lifeguards have been called in to keep the peace when the name calling gets ominous.