TMZ Live Lindsay & Amanda Case of Mistaken Identity?

4/9/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes -- Case of Mistaken Identity?

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes ... separated at birth? Not exactly, but they might have been confused for each other at a Hollywood nightclub. A woman is accusing Lindsay of assaulting her, but we'll explain why she could be fingering the wrong starlet.

Plus, Scarlett Johansson's image being used to promote a Spanish-speaking sex shop? It's a wild story ... that also got a little funny when Harvey flubs bigtime ... en Español! Also, will Khloe Kardashian stick by her man -- and did Kim K. and Kanye really stay hands-off for EIGHT years?!  


(0:15) LiLo battery accusation -- something just doesn't add up.
(6:42) Amanda Bynes denied at a bar just hours after being released from jail!
(8:03) Bynes' mug shot sparks a crazy conspiracy theory from Charles.
(10:30) The Scarlett Johannson story proves one thing ... Harvey is terrible at Spanish.
(16:00) Alec Baldwin's crazy stalker.
(19:10) Breaking news ... did Hitler's love child surface?
(18:18) "16 and Pregnant" chick... pregnant again.
(22:50) Levi Johnston -- deadbeat dad ... or victim of a Palin smear campaign.
(24:20) Kim and Kanye swear they never hooked up until now ... not everyone's buying it.
(33:10) John Travolta is not a material boy ... because he's so rich.
(39:01) Lamar Odom dumped by the Mavs ... will Khloe be the next to let him go?