Coachella Hotel to Lohan You're TOO DAMN LOUD ... And Smoky

4/18/2012 12:30 AM PDT

Coachella Hotel to Lohan -- You're TOO DAMN LOUD ... And Smoky


One member of the Lohan family caused serious problems at Coachella this weekend -- garnering noise and smoking complaints at a Palm Springs hotel -- but it wasn't the Lohan you'd expect ...

Sources tell TMZ, 24-year-old Michael Lohan Jr. was staying at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells, CA -- and around 3AM Friday morning, the hotel received a noise complaint about his room.

We're told hotel management paid a visit to Michael's room after the complaint -- and the party inside agreed to keep the volume down.

But it didn't end there -- we're told someone then made a complaint about someone smoking in Michael's room ... and hotel management was forced to pay the room ANOTHER visit.

We're told management informed the room's occupants it was non-smoking only -- and the smoker put out his cigarette.

We're told the hotel did not assess Michael a smoking fee.

MiLo Jr. tells TMZ, “I drove from LA to the desert at 1am and went to sleep within 20 minutes of arriving  ... Others went to another room where a noise complaint may have been filed. Never were we involved in a complaint nor do either of us smoke cigarettes."