Lane Garrison I Want to Go Back to Jail

7/3/2012 12:40 AM PDT

Lane Garrison -- I Want to Go Back to Jail


Lane Garrison
still hasn't had his fill of the big house -- telling TMZ, he wants to go back to jail ... to continue his mentor work with other prisoners.

TMZ broke the story, the former "Prison Break" star had been giving his fellow inmates acting classes during his most recent stint in the clink -- and now that he's a free man, he wants to go back and continue his good deeds.

Garrison was leaving a Beverly Hills courthouse Monday -- where he was called in for a 48-hour update following his release last week -- and told us all about his goal to follow up with his mentees in lock up.
You'll recall, Garrison just bailed out of jail last Friday, where he had remained in custody since his April 22nd domestic violence arrest.