Brendan Fraser Sued for Allegedly Battering Movie Producer

7/12/2012 2:07 PM PDT

Brendan Fraser -- Sued for Allegedly Battering Movie Producer


5:55 PM PT
Fraser's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "This is a ridiculous and absurd claim by Mr. Moyer.  He's desperately trying to avoid the monies that he guaranteed to pay to Brendan -- more than $2 million -- and has concocted this claim.  He recently just put his company into bankruptcy.  This is just another desperate attempt by him to avoid paying his debt."

Brendan Fraser
unleashed TWO physical attacks on one of the producers of a movie he is set to star in ... so says the producer who is now suing the movie star ... TMZ has learned.

The man who filed the suit is Todd Moyer -- one of the producers on the movie "The Legend of William Tell" ... a movie that has been in the works since 2011.

In his suit, Moyer claims he was hanging out at the Hilton Hotel in Indianapolis on July 27, 2011 ... when an "intoxicated" Brendan Fraser began to "physically push, verbally threaten and poke [Moyer] in the chest repeatedly." Moyer doesn't specify what led to the alleged attack.

But six months later ... on January 31, 2012 ... Moyer says Fraser struck again -- this time during a meeting about the movie at the offices of Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

According to Moyer, Fraser demanded that Moyer hire a producer named Charlotte Huggins to work on "Tell" ... but Moyer refused.  That's when Fraser allegedly went nuts -- screaming threats and striking  Moyer in the chest at least 20 times.

Moyer said he suffered extreme mental anguish and physical pain -- and wants at least $25k in damages.

Fun Fact -- Fraser sued Moyer back in May ... claiming Moyer has bungled the film ... causing delays that forced Fraser to pass up other work. Fraser is demanding more than $3 million in damages. That case is still ongoing.