Justin Bieber 911 Calls Looks Like a 'Spaceship!'

7/13/2012 6:30 AM PDT

Justin Bieber 911 Calls -- 'Looks Like a Spaceship'


Justin Bieber would be shocked ... SHOCKED ... to know not a single person who called 911 -- and there were 7 -- as he roared down the 101 Freeway last Friday could ID the kind of car he was driving ... and one caller went out on a limb and described it as a "spaceship!"

You'll recall, Justin seemed incredulous when he called 911 and the dispatcher didn't know what a Fisker was ... and clearly she wasn't alone.

We've now obtained recordings of all 7 911 calls.  Descriptions of Bieber's ride included: "aluminum car," "chrome Audi," "stainless steel Ferrari," and "a spaceship."

The callers did all agree on one thing -- Bieber and the paps who were chasing him were driving crazy.