Kim Kardashian PULLED OVER in $300K Rolls Royce

7/13/2012 7:17 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian -- Pulled Over in $300k Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian came face to face with a vehicle that's even flashier than hers yesterday ... a California Highway Patrol car.

Kim's brand new $300k custom Rolls Royce Ghost got the lights and sirens treatment Thursday afternoon when the CHP singled her out on the 101 Freeway.

Sources tell TMZ, Kim was pulled over for having no license plates. But we're told she got off scot-free -- when she showed cops she secretly keeps her license plates IN HER GLOVE BOX.

And just so we're clear -- Kim did NOT receive a ticket.

We're told the paparazzi (not ours) had been following Kim from a nearby gym ... but there was no high speed chase a la Justin Bieber ... and the cops did not go after the photogs.

Didn't take long for Kim's car to attract the cops ... she's only had her new black ride for a couple of weeks.