Porn Star James Deen Lindsay Helped Me Climax

8/15/2012 12:40 AM PDT

Porn Star James Deen -- Lindsay Lohan Helped Me Climax

Lindsay Lohan personally helped porn star James Deen reach new levels of prowess -- this according to the porn star himself, who says acting with Lindsay was one of the greatest learning experiences of his life.

James was leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills Saturday when he was asked about working with Lindsay in their new film "The Canyons" -- and he replied, "Working with her was awesome. She's super professional. Super great. She's a fantastic actress ... I feel like I learned a lot from her."

Deen said working with an actress like Lindsay "brings the best out of you. It was very helpful to me as an amateur."

Amateur? HARDLY. Hehe. Hard.