Edward Furlong I WAS ROBBED On Skid Row

8/23/2012 11:25 AM PDT

'Terminator' Star Edward Furlong -- I WAS ROBBED on Skid Row

Troubled "Terminator" star Edward Furlong -- not to be confused with troubled "Terminator" star Nick Stahl -- claims he was ROBBED on the streets of L.A. this morning ... but truth is ... he was asking for trouble.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Furlong flagged an officer making the rounds in Skid Row -- one of the most drug-infested area in L.A. -- and claimed he had asked a man for directions ... and the man aggressively demanded his wallet.

Not wanting trouble, Furlong says he obliged ... and the dude took off. No weapons were used.

But here's the thing ... walking around asking for directions in Skid Row -- which contains one of the largest homeless populations in the U.S. and is renowned for its drug dealing -- isn't the brightest idea. Especially at odd hours during the day.

(It's also suspicious -- but that's beside the point.)

We're told Furlong filed an incident report with the police, and a robbery investigation is currently underway.