Louboutin Huge Victory in War Over Red Soles

9/5/2012 10:00 AM PDT

Louboutin -- Huge Victory in War Over Red Soles

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The people behind Christian Louboutin shoes just emerged victorious in a heated legal battle over their famous red soles ... and now NO OTHER SHOE COMPANY can jack their signature style.

Louboutin had gone to war with Yves Saint Laurent ... after YSL released red high-heeled shoes with a red sole.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about fashion knows the red sole is the trademark look of Louboutin ... and women KILL for those things. In fact, they've been featured on "Sex and the City," "Gossip Girl" and Jennifer Lopez even wrote a song devoted to the footwear.

Louboutin had sued YSL hoping a judge would ban them from the red sole business, and today ... an appeals court sided with C.L. ... sorta.

According to the ruling, Louboutin can block other designers from co-opting their signature red soles ... but ONLY when they are on a shoe that primarily contains a contrasting color on the top (like the one in the photo above).

But if a designer like YSL wants to make an all-red shoe (red top AND red sole) there's nothing C.L. can do about it.

Fun Fact -- The most expensive pair of Louboutins shoes reportedly cost around $20,000 and are made out of crocodile. The typical low-end pair runs between $600 and $700.