Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse SUED For Knifing Consumers

9/13/2012 5:50 AM PDT

Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse Sued For Allegedly Knifing Consumers

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Martha Stewart
and Emeril Lagasse are accused of duping hungry consumers into buying bogus cooking knives ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Emeril Lagasse has been the pitchman for the cutlery, which he has been selling on the Home Shopping Network.  Martha Stewart's company -- Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -- owns Emeril's product line. 

The knives in question had the words "Solingen, Germany" emblazoned on the blade, leading consumers to believe the product was manufactured by the world-famous Solingen knife-makers. But according to the suit, the knives were cheap knock-offs made in China.

And this is funny.  The lawsuit highlights some crappy consumer reviews on HSN's website.  Por ejemplo:  "That is terrible when a top chef lies to you on TV ... Emeril cannot be trusted with what he advertises."  Another review says the knives "were rusting and were breaking in half."

The suit -- which seeks $2 mil in damages for each trademark infringement -- was filed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid, which owns the Solingen name.