'American Idol' House Renting Rooms To Rich People

9/18/2012 4:30 AM PDT

'American Idol' House -- Renting Rooms To Rich People


Wanna live like an "American Idol" finalist? Now you can ... but only if you're willing to drop $5,300 per week.

The mansion has one helluva history -- before it housed Idol's Top 12 in 2011 ... it was home to Playboy's "Swingers" reality show ... where a bunch of strangers banged each other mercilessly for several weeks while cameras rolled.

Now, TMZ has learned ... the 16,000 square foot pad in the Hollywood Hills has transformed into a fancy-schmancy (and extremely expensive) weight-loss and health center called Destination Fit4LA.

A rep for the center tells us ... the people behind Destination Fit4LA have owned the property for awhile and rented the place out to Playboy and "Idol" to make some cash while they prepared to launch their weight loss business.

We're told guests will stay in the 10-bedroom, 16-bath complex for $5,300 a week ... which includes a comprehensive weight loss program ... specialized meals ... and use of all the awesome amenities, including a fitness center, game room, theater and pool.

Orgies and music lessons cost extra ... kidding, there are no music lessons.