Paulina Rubio My Ex-Assistant's Forging AN EVIL ALLIANCE

11/13/2012 12:10 AM PST

Paulina Rubio -- My Ex-Assistant's Forging AN EVIL ALLIANCE


Paulina Rubio
's bitter ex-assistant has joined forces with the singer's million-dollar enemy ... and together, they've formed an evil Megazord designed to bring her down in court -- this according to new legal docs filed by Paulina.

Paulina filed the docs in Miami, claiming her ex-assistant Felipe Restrepo Betancur is spiteful he got fired last month -- so he hired the same lawyer representing a Colombian non-profit that's currently suing Paulina for a million bucks.

The non-profit filed the lawsuit against Pauling for skipping out on a concert -- and Paulina claims Restrepo has been sabotaging her chances in the legal dispute by leaking "case strategy and privileged documents" to the opposition.

As we reported, Restrepo filed his own $250,000 lawsuit against Paulina last month, claiming she beat him because she had to fly coach.

Paulina's now asking a judge to ban Restrepo's lawyer from the Colombian concert lawsuit.

The lawyer in question -- Richard Wolfe -- tells TMZ, "There is no factual basis for the motion that was filed, because the actions alleged never occurred.  This is their latest sleazy attempt to delay the trial. I fully intend to represent my client at the trial "

A judge has yet to rule on Paulina's motion.