Tareq Salahi Campaigning for Governor On Barack Obama's Dubs

12/24/2012 12:40 AM PST

Tareq Salahi -- Campaigning for Governor on Barack Obama's Dubs


Famed White House Crasher Tareq Salahi wants to capitalize on Barack Obama's good political vibes -- because he rented Obama's former tour bus to use for his very own campaign for Virginia governor.

TMZ has learned ... Tareq sought out the company that rented Barack's bus -- even though he's a Republican -- because he thinks it was "good luck" for the Prez ... and hopes it rubs off on him.

Tareq has already provided the company with an artist's rendering of how the bus should look when it's finished (pictured above) and it contains all the essentials -- a giant face and a cheesy slogan.

The bus costs a grand total of $149,300 to rent from January to April -- and Tareq tells TMZ, he's already put down the $59,300 deposit.

Sounds worth it too -- the bus comes with a full kitchen, three 50" HDTVs, high speed wireless, a full office equipped with printers and copiers , sleeping quarters,  full bath with shower  and various seating areas ... the very same bus Obama used for his 2012 Presidential campaign. 

Now all he has to do is win. Easy ... right?