Brandi Glanville I'm PRAYING Adrienne Quits 'Real Housewives'

2/19/2013 12:20 AM PST

Brandi Glanville -- I'm PRAYING Adrienne Maloof Quits 'Real Housewives'


Brandi Glanville
 has had just about enough of Adrienne Maloof on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- in fact, Brandi's crossing her fingers Adrienne quits the show like she's promised to.

Brandi was at LAX yesterday when we told her about Adrienne's intentions to leave the Bravo reality show.

Brandi said she hadn't been aware of Adrienne's feelings, but she wasn't exactly upset by them either -- crossing her fingers in hopes Adrienne would actually call it quits.

You'll recall, things between Brandi and Adrienne haven't exactly been cordial -- Brandi recently said Adrienne's relationship with Rod Stewart's 32-year-old son Sean made her want to barf.