Candy Spelling Sues Over $47 Million Condo

3/1/2013 4:15 PM PST

Candy Spelling Suing Over $47 Million Condo


Candy Spelling is filing a second lawsuit against an L.A. Condo building ... this time it's over the lavish Century City penthouse she's building.

TMZ has learned ... Candy is going after The Century, claiming owners of the building promised certain amenities, including a restaurant.  Candy -- who plunked down $47 mil for 2 floors -- claims the building isn't delivering on its promises.

The restaurant, Candy says, was supposed to open on January 1, but it's not.  She says the owners have not made any concessions.

Candy wants some of the money back to compensate her for the amenities she didn't get.

TMZ broke the story ... Candy is also suing The Carlyle, the building where she's currently living while The Century is under construction.  Candy claims they're trying to prematurely force her out.  She also claims there are big problems with the building, and they even tried double billing her for utilities.  The building is in turn suing her for eviction.

Condo living ... not always what it's cracked up to be.