'Game of Thrones' Star OOPS ... I Didn't Mean To Call Ex a Risky Dad

3/5/2013 11:08 AM PST

Lena Headey: Oops ... I Didn't Mean to Call My Ex A Risky Dad

Lena Headey -- the chick who plays bitchy Queen Cersei Lannister on "Game of Thrones" -- "INADVERTENTLY" characterized her soon to be ex-husband as a reckless dad ... so claims the lawyer for the estranged hubby.

Peter Loughran's lawyer sent us an email, telling us we inaccurately painted Peter as an "unfit father."  He says we latched on to "a statement that was inadvertently included in the court papers."  Ironically, the inadvertent statement was included right in the middle of Lena's declaration -- which she signed.

As we reported ...Headey successfully blocked Peter from taking their 2-year-old boy to Ireland over XMAS.  She argued in her declaration that Peter had an alcohol problem and suspected when his car drifted into oncoming traffic on December 15 it had something to do with booze. 

Lena also said that Peter was also a bad example for their kid ... as evidenced by his decision to post 2 pictures of him on Facebook toting an assault rifle.  She even attached the photos to her declaration ... which doesn't exactly feel inadvertent.

But in the email we just received, Peter's lawyer, Michael Gulden, claims both Peter and Lena feel she was taken out of context and say "the exaggerated allegations in the story are misrepresentative of Peter."  They say they are working together to find a good co-parenting arrangement for their son.