Ashton Kutcher 12-Year-Old Swatter Yup, I Did It

3/11/2013 12:27 PM PDT

Ashton Kutcher -- 12-Year-Old Swatter ... Yup, I Did It

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The 12-year-old who "swatted" Ashton Kutcher has admitted he did the deed ... and now he will be a very young felon.

The kid in question admitted to two felony counts in connection with "swatting" pranks against Ashton and a bank. Specifically he admitted to making a false report in an emergency and computer intrusion.

As TMZ previously reported ... the kid made a crank 911 call last year, claiming there were people inside Ashton's home with guns and explosives and that several people had been shot. Cops stormed in, only to find it was a hoax.

The kid was also charged with "swatting" Justin Bieber -- but did not admit to that count -- and a rep for the D.A. tells us, the charge will likely be dismissed when the boy is sentenced.

The 12-year-old was returned to his parents today and will face a judge for sentencing soon.

The judge has complete discretion over the punishment -- and can even order the kid to serve out his time at home or in a group facility.