Lil Flip Arrest Warrant Quashed My Bad, Your Honor

5/5/2013 5:00 AM PDT

Lil Flip Arrest Warrant Quashed -- My Bad, Your Honor


Lil Flip
is no longer a wanted man after an incident with an AR-15 rifle ... 'cause the rapper's lawyer just got his arrest warrant recalled, blaming Flip's crappy scheduling skills.

TMZ broke the story ... the arrest warrant was issued last month for Flip (real name Wesley Weston) after the rapper no-showed at a hearing in his drug/gun possession case.

But Flip's lawyer says it was all an honest mistake, submitting docs to the court this week, in which he claims Flip was unaware of the April court date and missed it completely unintentionally.

The judge bought it and recalled the warrant, setting a new court date for July.

As for the case itself -- Flip told TMZ, he has a license for the AR-15 rifle that was found in his car during the traffic stop on Christmas ... and the blunts were a special kind of tobacco. A likely story.