Rob Kardashian CRIMINAL CHARGES DROPPED in Alleged Photog Assault

6/6/2013 2:15 PM PDT

Rob Kardashian -- Criminal Charges DROPPED In Alleged Photog Assault

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Rob Kardashian's topless paparazzi drama is officially over -- the judge has officially dismissed the charges against RK for allegedly attacking a female snapper who took shirtless pics of him back in March.

We broke the story ... RK was charged with battery and theft after Andra Viak claimed an angry Rob got physcial with her and swiped her memory card when she took photos of the 26-year-old leaving  a West Hollywood gym without a shirt.

Besides the criminal charges -- Viak sued Rob over the incident ... but she dropped the lawsuit last week when Kardashian agreed to pay for the camera equipment.

The only remaining formality was those 2 misdemeanor charges ... but Andra didn't want to pursue them ... and today, the judge officially dismissed the case.

Interesting note -- the prosecution DID NOT WANT TO DROP THE CASE -- but in light of the settlement agreement between Rob and Andra, the judge ignored the prosecution's objection and tossed the charges anyway.