Mary J. Blige Sued Over Canceled Show ... Mick Jagger Stole Her!!!

6/18/2013 2:00 PM PDT

Mary J. Blige Sued Over Canceled Concert -- Mick Jagger Stole Her!!!


Mary J. Blige
is being sued for allegedly bailing on a concert in Dallas last December -- and according to the lawsuit, it's kinda Mick Jagger's fault.

A promotional company called Vision Entertainment Worldwide has sued Mary J. and her production company, claiming the singer agreed to perform in Dallas on December 9th, 2012 ... but canceled just a few days beforehand.

VEW claims it paid Mary a $145,000 deposit to appear ... and she never paid back the money, despite pulling the plug on the show.

VEW claims Blige blew them off because she got a better opportunity to perform at the Barclays Center with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones on December 8th ... and she took it.

VEW is now suing for breach of contract and more -- demanding at least $145,000 in damages.

Blige's publicist Karynne Tencer tells TMZ, "Mary J did not breach any contract for a Dallas concert last December. Any claim to the contrary is false."