Amanda Bynes LET ME OUT!!!

7/26/2013 10:30 AM PDT

Amanda Bynes: LET ME OUT!!!

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Amanda Bynes will not go down without a fight ... because her lawyer just filed legal docs asking for an emergency hearing to let her loose from the psych ward ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda's lawyer just filed a motion asking the judge to release her from the 2-week forced hospitalization a judge approved Thursday.

There will be a hearing before a judge at the psych ward today at 2PM PT, challenging yesterday's 2-week extension, and Amanda will be present.

Meanwhile Amanda's parents showed up in court this morning in their attempt to win a temporary conservatorship, but they got shut down -- at least temporarily.

The judge said there was no need to rush things because Amanda is already being held for 2 weeks.

The judge wants certain things to happen before he rules on a conservatorship:

 -- He wants a one-on-one with Amanda.

-- He wants the lawyer he appointed to rep Amanda to interview her and then come up with a recommendation.

-- He wants to hear from Amanda's doctors.

-- He wants to see the police file on "the incident" -- sources have told us the incident in question is the driveway fire.

A hearing for the conservatorship was set for August 9.