'Ray Donovan' Star Jon Voight Victim In CBS vs. TW War I Can't Watch My Own Show!

8/9/2013 12:15 AM PDT

Jon Voight -- Casualty In CBS vs. Time Warner War ... Can't Watch My Own Show!


Jon Voight says he's SICK of the war between CBS and Time Warner Cable ... because the "Ray Donovan" star can't watch his own damn show ... and now he's about to take matters into his own hands.

FYI -- Voight's show airs on Showtime ... which has been dropped by Time Warner Cable due to the current dispute between TW and ST's parent company, CBS. 

Voight was leaving Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood with his "Donovan" co-star Pooch Hall when he revealed that he's a TW customer ... which means he's currently blocked from watching his show in the comfort of his own home.

He's clearly frustrated ... and ready to take action. But what's he gonna do about it? Check out the clip to find out.