Gia Allemand's Funeral BF Ryan Anderson Embraced by Gia's Family

8/22/2013 10:15 AM PDT

Gia Allemand's Funeral -- BF Ryan Anderson EMBRACED by Gia's Family

As Gia Allemand was laid to rest in NY today ... her boyfriend NBA star Ryan Anderson not only attended the funeral, but was embraced by Gia's family.

Anderson has been struggling with Gia's suicide -- which occurred after a blowout fight between the two in which Ryan told Gia he didn't love her anymore.

But Anderson mustered up the strength to bid farewell to Gia ... and during the service, he was seen with his arms around Gia's mother. 

Some of the Gia's former "Bachelor" co-stars also attended the service -- including Craig Robinson and Graham Bunn.

As we previously reported, Gia passed away on August 14. She was 29.