Bieber & Tyler, the Creator Date Night Strawberry Milkshake for 2

8/28/2013 4:36 PM PDT

Justin Bieber Date Night with Tyler, the Creator -- Strawberry Milkshake for Two!

Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber
and Tyler, the Creator got straight up romantic during a burger run in L.A. last night, splitting a strawberry milkshake while they enjoyed their 100% ground beef heart-stoppers.

The duo Instagrammed the photos today showing him and Tyler hitting up a Fatburger on Sunset around 3:30 AM, but we've learned exactly what they ordered ... and it's cuter than anything Justin ever ordered with Selena Gomez.

We're told Biebs and Tyler got two burgers -- one cheese no bacon, one cheese no pickles -- and one order of skinny fries. (NOT FAT FRIES?? ARE YOU CRAZY??)

But the adorable part ... sources inside the restaurant tell us they also ordered one strawberry milkshake to split.

Don't worry, ladies ... we're told they poured one shake into 2 cups (haha, 2 guys, 1 cup).

As for who paid ... we're workin' on it.