Charlie Sheen DISMISSED From Jury Duty

9/24/2013 3:36 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen -- DISMISSED From Jury Duty


Charlie Sheen
 is a warlock without peers ... because he's already been booted as a potential juror.

Charlie just left an L.A. courthouse after he was excused just before 3 PM today.  

Sheen never even got placed on a jury panel, so he never actually made it into a courtroom as a prospective juror.

Charlie spent the day in the Jury Assembly Room, organizing his bets for the World Series, taking pics with fans, and downing a BLT for lunch.

Charlie tells us, "I napped in the room most of the day!"

Here's the thing.  Jurors get $15 a day, after the first day.  So Charlie worked for nothing.  Then again, how many jurors drive away from the courthouse in a Maybach?