Kim Kardashian Pulled Over on L.A. Freeway MAYHEM ENSUES

11/12/2013 1:40 PM PST

Kim Kardashian Pulled Over on L.A. Freeway -- MAYHEM ENSUES


Kim Kardashian
was just pulled over on an L.A. freeway -- and it caused total pandemonium.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Kim was pulled over for speeding while trying to evade multiple cars driven by paparazzi (not TMZ).

According to sources, the paps (roughly 5 cars total) had been chasing after Kim, and once she was pulled over, they jumped out of their cars IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY to snap photos of Kim in her car ... resulting in tons of traffic.

We're told a paparazzi helicopter was even hovering overhead.

And police are PISSED -- our law enforcement sources are saying the paps endangered multiple lives with their risky photography, including Kim's, other drivers on the road, and the officers involved.

We're told the California Highway Patrol cited one photog for speeding and the rest got away. According to sources, the CHP is now looking into the incident further to see if the case can be sent for further prosecution. As one source said, "They're not getting away with this."

Kim didn't get away scot-free though -- we're told she was cited for speeding too.