AFI Singer There's No Crying in Grammys

12/17/2013 7:00 AM PST

AFI Singer Davey Havok -- Quit Bitching Kanye, There's No Crying in Grammys


Davey Havok -- lead singer of the band AFI -- says he's BLOWN AWAY Kanye West would actually bitch about his Grammy nominations ... 'cause music isn't a competition for petty awards.

The rocker was leaving Chateau Marmont last night ... and we asked about Ye's latest outrage over his measly TWO Grammy noms this year.

By the way, Davey's never been nominated -- but somehow has a way better grip on how to handle Grammy glory, or in Kanye's case ... disappointment.

Davey's got some advice for Yeezy -- but, more importantly, he also has a pretty priceless reaction to a grown man whining over awards.