Cracker Barrel Employees Given Script To Explain Phil Boycott

12/25/2013 6:00 AM PST

Cracker Barrel Employees Given Script to Explain Phil Robertson Boycott


Cracker Barrel
took such a ridiculous position by boycotting Duck Commander products with Phil Robertson's punim on it ... they had to give their employees a script to deal with pissed-off customers.

TMZ obtained a copy of a script Cracker Barrel created so its employees could justify the boycott.  And this is funny ... the script is actually a modified version of how employees generally deal with unhappy shoppers.  Seems to be a problem at Cracker Barrel.

The script was 86'd 24 hours after it was written ... when Cracker Barrel reversed its position because it realized it stood to lose customers and therefore lots of loot.

Apparently the company needs a new script, because angry customers are still calling about its position on Phil.

How's this for a script.

    -- Sorry ... we really f***ed this one up.  But hey, we saw which way the wind was blowing so now we support Phil.  And try our cheese eggs.  They're terrific!