'Game of Thrones' Queen Demands Anti-Texting App for Ex

12/26/2013 12:50 AM PST

'Game of Thrones' Queen Demands Anti-Texting App For Ex


The hot queen on "Game of Thrones" just struck a deal with her ex-husband -- they both must download an app that PROHIBITS them from texting or emailing while driving ... for the sake of their kid.

Lena Headey -- who plays Queen Cersei -- just sealed her divorce settlement with Peter Loughran.  Peter has driving issues -- a very bad accident.  So Lena was concerned about Peter driving their 3-year-old son around, and imposed a requirement that he download a smartphone app that prevents him from sending or receiving text messages while driving.   The app also blocks the Internet.  She agreed to do the same.

The boy is now a very young jet setter ... because Lena is going to take him along for the ride when she shoots the show in exotic locations, such as Ireland, Croatia and other places.  But there's a cost to all of this.  Lena has to pay so Peter can tag along.  He gets airfare -- the least expensive class with a bed --  plus 1K a month in expenses.

It's good to be the Queen -- and Prince Philip.