'South Beach Tow' Star The Show Is SCRIPTED My Spine's Paying the Price

2/7/2014 9:45 AM PST

'South Beach Tow' Star -- The Show Is SCRIPTED ... And My Spine's Paying the Price


A guy who claims he was injured on Jennifer Lopez' show "South Beach Tow" has gone to court ... demanding raw footage he believes will prove the whole thing is fake ... except for the violence that left him badly injured.

According to court docs, Robert Ashenoff Sr. claims he suffered serious spinal injuries on set back in September 2012 -- after co-star Larry Diaz jumped on him out of nowhere -- and he had to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

If it was an accident, that would be one thing -- but Robert claims the so-called reality show is actually SCRIPTED ... and producers instructed Larry to jump on Robert without his knowledge.

Robert -- who sported a neck brace on the show after the accident -- wants to sue ... but first, he's asking the court to force producers to turn over all scripts and raw footage from that day ... in order to prove he was set up.

If the evidence backs his claims ... Robert will most likely go for the jugular.