Ray Donovan Lawsuit Writer Tells Showtime I'll Fix You!

2/14/2014 3:45 AM PST

Ray Donovan Lawsuit -- Writer Tells Showtime, 'I'll Fix You Good'


A writer who claims he concocted the premise for "Ray Donovan" is suing Showtime, alleging he came up with the notion of a middle-aged man who fixes things and kills for cash.

Brian Larsen is suing Showtime, claiming in 2010 he pitched a script to a Showtime exec, who seemed enthusiastic and said she would "pitch like hell" to get it on the air.  But Larsen says he ultimately got blown off.

Cut to 2013, when "Ray Donovan" debuted, and Larsen was pissed.  Here are some of the similarities he's alleging:

--  His script featured a middle-aged fixer who orchestrates killings with a staff of black-market pros
--  He has a storyline of a pro-basketball player in a sex scandal -- the real show did have something similar
-- He has a brother who is always messing up
-- He has a troubled relationship with a Catholic priest
-- He has a moral conflict over killing people and doing the right thing
-- There's an intersection of the fixer's personal life and professional life
-- There's always a moral cliffhanger

Larsen is pissed and wants to STOP the production of "Ray Donovan" in its tracks.  He also wants lots of money.