Rapper YG Cops Stopped Me 'Cause I'm Young, Black and Famous

2/14/2014 2:31 PM PST

Rapper YG -- Cops Stopped Me 'Cause I'm Young, Black and Famous

Rapper YG claims he was guilty of a crime that just can't be fought in court -- driving while black, and this time he says guns were drawn.

Here's what we know ... At 3:30 AM Friday YG was leaving a music video shoot in Malibu that he had been filming with Drake. He was driving his red Panamera Porsche on a windy mountain road toward the San Fernando Valley when he saw the flashing reds.

L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. honchos tell TMZ ... they stopped YG because he was straddling a yellow line.  YG pulled over with the cop car behind the Panamera.  That's when an Escalade filled with YG's entourage pulled up behind the cop car.

Witnesses say the deputy then pulled his gun on the people in the Escalade and they were told to move.

We're told the deputy ordered YG out of his car and administered a field sobriety test ... which YG passed.

YG was not ticketed but warned not to straddle lanes.

Sources close to YG tell TMZ he's not buying the Sheriff Dept.'s explanation -- "He got pulled over because he's young, Black, rich and famous. What do you expect."