'Party Down South' Cast We Want More Money Bitches!

2/16/2014 12:45 AM PST

'Party Down South' Cast -- We Want More Money Bitches!

CMT has BIG MONEY trouble ... as in the cast of their highest rated show "Party Down South" wants more of it -- and won't film another second of footage until they get it.

TMZ has learned the 'PDS' gang is in talks with a high profile management team to negotiate a new deal before filming resumes next month. The show premiered in January, and is already a runaway hit for CMT.

Sources close to the deal say the 8 cast members are making a paltry $500 per episode -- but in order to tape the show they have to take time off from their real jobs ... so they're struggling.

One source says the cast isn't looking for "Jersey Shore" money, they just want to live a little more comfortably.

Translation: New beer bongs, please.

FUN FACT: The producers of 'PDS' also created 'Jersey' ... and faced a similar sitch with Sitch and co. Good news for the 'Party' kids -- the 'JS' cast was making 6 figures per episode at the end of their run.