Johnny Weir & Victor He Loves Me He Loves Me Note

3/23/2014 7:29 AM PDT

Johnny Weir and Victor -- He Loves Me ... He Loves Me Note


The divorce between Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Weir-Voronov is being fought in the courts and the media, with both sides aggressively waging war on both fronts, and Victor's people say this note proves he was blindsided by the Olympian.

Johnny has claimed Victor is lying when he says Johnny cruelly hid the fact that he had filed for divorce until last Tuesday ... even though divorce docs were filed February 12.

Victor's people say this note -- which they say was written just before Johnny left for the Oscars -- is proof the real liar is Johnny.

It is interesting ... Johnny was wearing his wedding ring at the Oscars ... which was held March 2.

Our opinion -- these guys went back and forth like ......... (we couldn't think of something good, so fill in the blank).