Johnny Weir Shoe Collection Puts Imelda Marcos to Shame

3/22/2014 1:00 AM PDT

Johnny Weir's Shoe Collection -- Puts Imelda Marcos to Shame


Johnny Weir's Birkin collection pales in comparison to his shoe stash ... we've learned Johnny has 1,300 pairs of shoes that are now under the watchful eye of cops.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnny got a court order Friday to enter the home he shared with soon-to-be ex-hubby Victor.  Johnny was allowed in for 30 minutes to collect his belongings, with 6 cops standing by to make sure there was no confrontation.

We're told there wasn't enough time or a truck to handle the massive shoe collection, so Johnny left them behind ... for now.  He did, however, take a few prized possessions, including his Louboutins and his Alexander McQueen high-heeled shoes.

As we reported ... Johnny left with Hermes scarves, furniture, 2 TVs and jewelry.  He also took the family dog, which left Victor in tears.

Victor's crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, tells TMZ Victor says, "Johnny has enough luxury items to open a 4,000 square foot boutique on Rodeo Drive."