Johnny Weir's Husband Allowance Set at $1,000 / Mo. aka Bye Bye Birkins & Furs

3/26/2014 5:50 PM PDT

Johnny Weir's Husband -- Allowance Set at $1k / Month ... aka No More Birkins and Furs

Johnny Weir's husband will be making some major lifestyle changes after a judge ruled he only gets $1,000 per month in support -- and they have to unload some prized possessions.

During a hearing for Johnny and Victor Voronov's nasty divorce ... the judge laid out an agreement which forces the Olympic figure skater to fork over a grand to Victor every month.

The agreement is only temporary, but in divorce-court terms -- that $1,000 is not nearly enough to keep up the luxe standards to which Victor's grown accustomed during their marriage.

Think more Macys ... less Hermès.

And get this ... the soon-to-be exes both agreed to sell off their Faberge Egg AND their wedding rings, and place the funds in a trust. $15,000 of that cash will go to their attorneys.

Victor's only consolation -- Johnny has to cover utilities at their home, including Internet and cable.