Rose McGowan Scorned DJ Sues Over Wedding Gig

4/1/2014 3:59 PM PDT

Rose McGowan Wedding Lawsuit -- Scorned DJ Sues

Rose McGowan broke her wedding vows even before she tied the knot ... at least according to a very pissed off D.J. who is suing her in small claims court.

Nahchey Storer claims in his lawsuit he was hired to spin at the actress' wedding last year, but she cancelled him at the last minute and stopped payment on his check.

Sources connected to Rose tell us her wedding planner booked and then unbooked Storer for her October wedding. She eventually hired a New Orleans brass band.

Storer says he has a written contract and he wants full payment -- $4,262.

Rose may have made a huge mistake though -- our lawyer hired Nahchey for his wedding and says he's FANTASTIC.

Calls to McGowan's people weren't returned.