Banksy Vandal Ordered to STAY CLEAR of Banksy's Vandalous Works!

4/8/2014 4:05 PM PDT

Banksy Vandal Ordered to Stay Clear Of Banky's Vandalous Works!


The man charged with vandalizing Banksy art has been ordered to stay clear of the famous vandal's handiwork.

David William Noll just pled no contest today to 2 counts of FELONY vandalism ... for defacing 2 of Banksy's most famous works -- Girl on Swing and Peeing Dog.

Noll avoided jail but is now on felony probation for 3 years.  And he has to stay 100 yards away from all Banksy artwork.

It's a bizarre ... almost incredible sentence.  A vandal has now been prohibited from going near the work of another vandal.  Beyond that ... if Noll walks down a street and passes a building that Banksy defaced ... he risks being thrown in the slammer.

TMZ broke the story ... Noll was accused of painting over the artwork ... and stupidly recording his stunt and uploading it to YouTube -- which is how cops caught him.

Noll was also required to perform 60 days of community labor.  Wouldn't it be great if he had to do graffiti removal?!!