Skinemax Star Naked Actor Drooled Blood on Me

4/14/2014 12:35 AM PDT

Skinemax Star -- Naked Actor Drooled Blood on Me


Crazy new allegations in the lawsuit between Cinemax and the actress who claims she was forced to do nude sex scenes for one of the network's adult TV shows -- including blood spitting  -- and having to answer questions like, "How big are your nipples?"

Anne Greene sued Cinemax and HBO, claiming she agreed to star in Cinemax's sex-filled show "Femme Fatales" -- but no one told her she was required to perform in sexually explicit scenes involving full nudity and simulated intercourse.

Anne did the scenes ... but later sued claiming she felt bullied and sexually harassed. She has filed new legal docs with attorney Keith Fink, outlining her specific beefs.

The dangerous work environment allegations are wild -- Greene claims the actor with whom she was doing a nude sex scene started bleeding out of his mouth during one take ... and she was told to "keep going" while the he cupped her breast and continued to bleed on her nude body.

She was so freaked ... she says she got STD tested afterwards.

Throughout filming, Greene says she was also subjected to inappropriate comments like, "Showing your t*ts [is] a prerequisite to even be on this show" ... and "how big are your nipples?" Greene says she later quit because of the sexually hostile work environment.

Calls to Cinemax weren't returned.