Tupac Actor That's NOT the Real Autopsy Pic In Banned Music Video

5/8/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Tupac Actor -- That's NOT Real Tupac Autopsy Pic in Banned Music Video


The ghost of Tupac Shakur is haunting Wyclef Jean ... whose music video just got yanked from YouTube because someone thinks it features a grisly pic of 'Pac's autopsy -- but TMZ has learned it's just an impersonator with great makeup.

The scene in Wyclef's "April Showers" video looks eerily similar to an infamous photo of Tupac's corpse -- partially cut open during his autopsy -- and published in Cathy Scott's book, "The Killing of Tupac Shakur."

Scott tells us she's convinced the image in the video is the real deal -- she's the one who complained to YouTube -- but Tupac impersonator Richard Garcia tells TMZ he's actually the stiff.

Garcia says he was hired to re-create the autopsy for the video's anti-gun violence theme ... and it required 8 hours with makeup artist Autumn McHugh -- even though he only appears for a split second.

We told Scott about Garcia's role -- but she insists the image is TOO perfect, and must be the photo.

Our guess ... the video will be back on YouTube soon.