Dr. Dre Loses $3 Mil Lawsuit But Who the Hell Cares?

5/10/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Dr. Dre -- Loses $3 Million Lawsuit -- But Who the Hell Cares?


Dr. Dre
just lost a bid to squeeze a quick $3 million out of bankrupt Death Row Records ... but $3 mil is pretty much beer money these days for a guy who's zeroing in on billionaire status.

We did some digging and found Dre filed a claim in DRR's bankruptcy case, claiming he's owed millions in royalties ... for records Death Row sold while the company was in bankruptcy.  

Dre feels ... since the money was raised off of his back in bankruptcy ... he should get his cash before the other creditors.

The judge shut down Dre's motion ... so it looks like he won't see a dime.

How's he gonna eat?