Scooter Braun Bails on Depo You Will NOT Embarrass Me Like Justin

5/15/2014 10:40 AM PDT

Scooter Braun BAILS on Deposition -- You Will NOT Embarrass Me Like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun is refusing to let himself get skewered on video by some "assclown" attorney -- the same way Bieber did during an explosive depo in his ongoing legal beef with a photog -- so Scooter said eff you ... and ditched his depo today. 
Instead, Scooter's lawyer filed legal docs asking a judge to keep his videotaped depo under wraps.  Scooter's lawyer alleges that the photog's lawyer leaked Justin's depo to TMZ ... a depo that made J.B. look really bad.

Scooter tells TMZ, the photog's lawyer is just "an assclown looking for publicity" ... and Scooter refuses to give him any more ammunition.

Scooter also believes the lawyer is armed with irrelevant, embarrassing questions that will only poison a jury against Justin.  For example, there are reports the photog's lawyer wants to ask Scooter if Justin uses steroids, and why Justin acts so jerky.

BTW ... in the legal docs, Scooter's lawyer calls the roid allegation "absurd."