Casey Kasem Fight Looming Over the Body

6/14/2014 1:00 AM PDT

Casey Kasem's Body -- Family Feud Looming Even Before Death


Casey Kasem
-- the famed DJ who is near death -- will probably not rest in peace, at least in the short term ... because we've learned a massive fight is brewing over his body.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Casey's will makes his wife Jean the executor, cutting Casey's kids out entirely.  The will gives Jean -- who is in a nuclear family war with the kids -- the power to arrange for a proper funeral and burial

Now here's the rub.  Casey's daughter Kerri is currently Casey's conservator.  When he dies, the conservatorship is terminated and Kerri loses all control over Casey's body.  But Casey is currently at a hospice in Washington, under Kerri's watchful eye.  When he dies ... well, you know the adage -- possession is 9/10 of the law.

Kerri says she'll abide by the terms of the will, but we're told Jean absolutely doesn't believe her and thinks everything is now all about a money grab on the part of Casey's daughters ... and she's bracing for a fight over the body.