T-Boz I'll Fight Rihanna And Kick Her Ass!

6/27/2014 9:58 AM PDT

T-Boz -- I'll Fight Rihanna, And Kick Her Ass!


T-Boz fired off another salvo in her naked war with Rihanna ... this time upping the stakes by essentially challenging her to a fight.

RiRi and T-Boz squared off earlier this month after T-Boz trashed RiRi for regularly showing way too much skin.  Rihanna fired back with a twitter pic of a topless TLC -- i.e., Rihanna called her a hypocrite.

So it was T-Boz' move when we got her outside Bootsy Bellows Thursday night ... and she threw gas on the flames.

So we gotta ask ...