Sherri Shepherd Dumps House After She Dumps Hubby

7/7/2014 7:30 AM PDT

Sherri Shepherd -- Dumps House After She Dumps Husband

And they didn't live happily ever after ...

Sherri Shepherd put her dream house on the market a few weeks after she filed for divorce and a few weeks before she got the ax from "The View."

Sherri bought the house in 2012 ... when everything seemed good.  She was rolling on "The View" and living seemingly happily with her husband Lamar Sally and her then 7-year-old son.

But things have deteriorated ... and Sherri put the house on the market for $1.725 Mill.  She bought it for $1.737, but with real estate commissions and other expenses ... she'll be out of pocket some.

Sherri is now in a nuclear divorce.  She and estranged hubby Lamar are expecting a child this month via surrogate, but as we reported Sherri does not want custody (it's not her egg) and she doesn't want to pay child support.