Loni Anderson to Burt Reynolds Pay Your 20-Year-Old Divorce Debt, Deadbeat!

7/18/2014 12:55 AM PDT

Loni Anderson to Burt Reynolds: Pay Your 20-Year-Old Divorce Debt, Deadbeat!


Burt Reynolds
has been divorced from Loni Anderson for 20 years ... but it's still not over, and we've learned Loni is still dogging him for nearly a quarter of a million bucks to make things right.

It was one of the most bitter divorces in the history of Hollywood.  He accused her of sleeping around. She accused him of physical brutality.  And there were drug allegations and lots of other things.  The 5-year marriage officially ended in 1993, when Burt agreed to pay Loni $234,794.13. 

Loni -- who starred in "WKRP in Cincinnati" -- says Burt paid some but still owed her $97K.  He didn't pay, went into bankruptcy in the late '90s, continued to ignore the debt, and went into foreclosure, etc.  

Loni went back to court and 2 months ago the judge ordered Burt to pay up once and for all.  But with interest, the tab has now swelled to $154,520.98.

We contacted Burt's rep ... so far no comment.