Puck My Life After Prison Is Working With Ugly, Stinky Chicks

9/4/2014 2:45 PM PDT

Puck from 'Real World' -- My Life After Prison is Working with Ugly, Stinky Chicks


Puck from MTV's "Real World" is now an ex-con, making a living as a makeup artist ... who sounds like he hates women.

Puck was released from a Cali State Pen last year (he was in for stalking). Wednesday at the Grove he told us about his new gig doing women's makeup, which is odd for 2 reasons: He was convicted for stalking a woman, and he has a very unflattering view of women, in general.

You wouldn't believe it if we just wrote it ... so, you gotta watch to see his super-charming take.

He also explains why he's now O.J. Simpson-adjacent, and reveals people really do get shanked in prison. Well, not everyone ... obviously.